Corporate Commitments and Responsibility


Our objective is to be a company with sustainable and respectful growth following the premises:

  • To be conscious of our clients’ expectations and always try to meet these;
  • Seek for operational excellence, meeting quality, punctuality and productivity requirements at a minimum cost;
  • Stimulate continuous improvement of performance in all areas of our organization;
  • To invest in our employees in order to allow them to make their full contribution to our activities;
  • Promote both, internal and external, beneficial relations that preserves and intensify our growth opportunities;
  • Give opportunities and security to all those involved in our business, as well as satisfying the needs and expectations of all interested parts.


  • Meet our clients’ expectations through the provision of services and products with the desired quality;
  • To prevent pollution and respect the environment, meeting the legislations associated to the environmental aspects of our activities;
  • Continually improve our productive and administrative processes;
  • Guarantee continuous development of our employees.


  • To respect human rights and not admit any form of exploitation, harassment or discrimination in our activities, workplaces and value chain;
  • Not tolerate any form of degrading labor (slaved, forced, infant, etc.) in our supply chain, as well as non-compliance with work and environmental legislations;
  • Not use any form of deception, imposition or constraint in our operations and business;
  • Comply with the laws, rules and regulations applicable to our activities;
  • Adopt policies and practices intended to prevent and combat illicit acts or obtain improper advantages or privileges
  • Preserve a diligent, honest and prudent management;
  • To ensure that the quality and safety of our products meet the standards set by customers, legislation and industry standards;
  • To carry out the process of managing people with respect, transparency, impartiality and based on the precepts of meritocracy;
  • To respect the political and workrights of employees, including collective negotiation and party or union association;
  • Adopt practices of choice and development of suppliers, aiming to improve our products and services;
  • To respect the reputation and opinions of our competitors and to not devalue their products and services, ensuring conditions for healthy competition;
  • Adopt precepts of conscious consumption, avoiding the waste of materials, natural resources and inputs.

These commitments are maintained at all levels and functions of our organization.